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Don’t Miss Romantic Love Story ChoosiChoodagaane at Aha Streaming

In this generation, all the youth are liking to watch love stories more than action movies. The majority of new and older film directors are making and releasing films for youth audiences.

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Then you can watch it using the Aha OTT or Aha app. With the technology developed, there are many websites designed to watch movies online. Here are the aha videos where you can stream all the Telugu film. The directors are directing the meaning of full movies that can be taken to lead the life of this generation.

  1. Genre: Romantic
  2. Language: Telugu
  3. Format:( streaming online video)
  4. Watchable Devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices
  5. Available on: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Android devices or IOS
  6. Where to watch online: Aha streaming

Watch the ChoosiChoodangaane movie online at Aha OTT

Sesha Sindhu Rao directed the movie choosichoodangaane.

Coming to this Telugu film story, actor Shiva Kandukuri is named as Siddu and actress VashaBollamma as Shruti. The Telugu movie is based on the different stages of Siddu’s life. Siddu is a college student in the movie. He falls in love with a girl named Shruti in college. He struggles a lot to get success in his life. He has the best relationship with his parents, and they support him at all stages. To know more about this movie, watch this movie online at Aha Streaming.

Top Reasons to watch choosichoodangaane movie online

Every movie has good reasons to see, and most of the directors provide the best message by the movie they directed.

In this Choosichoodagaane movie worthy to watchable y youngsters.

Siddu’slife in the movie shows how many different stages there are in everyone’s life. One more thing that can be noticed from the movie is the support of their parents to their son to get success in life.

Top 5 points which Tempt you to watch choose choodangaane movie online now.

  1. The movie is about a student’s career and the difficulties he faced in his life to get successful, and it shows what the character does a student has in achieving his goals.
  2. It is a comedy entertainer as well as a romantic movie where you can enjoy the comedy made by the actors in the movie and the romantic relation between Siddu and Shruti.
  3. You can observe the encouragement of parents to get the success of their children.
  4. The best friendship can be seen in the movie and friends who help him when he is struggling in his career to get success.
  5. In this movie, Siddu falls in love with two girls; one is Aishwarya at his college and shruti in his remaining career.


Director-Sesha Sindhu Rao

Producer– Raj Kandukuri

Music director-GopiSundar

Actor-Shiva Kandukuri

Actress– VarshaBollamma, MalavikaSaathesan

Other characters-PavitraLokesh, Rajesh Khanna

Release date-31st January 2020

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